Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to play travel at WC Elite?

The chart represents the cost per player for the 2020-21 travel season. Prices have NOT been finalized for the 2021-2022 travel season yet, but will be in a similar range depending on the number of tournaments. Prices include jersey cost, tournament fees, coaching fee, etc. Travel costs, such as hotel rooms, gas, and food, are not included in the above prices

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are usually held in October, but are earlier for 15-18u this year. Please see our tryouts tab for dates and times. 12-14u tryouts will be in mid-late October 2021. Check back for upadtes soon on those dates and times. We hope to see you there!

What is the difference between a Regional Tournament and an Overnight Tournament?

Regional Tournaments are one day tournaments that are typically within a 1-2 hour drive. Overnight Tournaments or Multi-Day tournaments are several days and require that players and parents stay overnight.

How many practices do teams typically have per week?

Each team will be scheduled for two (2) practices a week. We also offer seperate conditioning days and encourage all players to attend if they are available!

What overnight tournaments does WC Elite attend?

That depends on the coach, parents and players for each team! WC Elite has attended WinterBump in Myrtle Beach, Queen of the Mountain in Gatlinburg, Shamrock in Roanoke, Jr Hi Neighbor in Ashville and more.

I am interested in playing volleyball but I'm not sure that I am ready to commit to a travel team. What do you recommend?

White Cross offers much more than the travel team! During the off season we offer clinics and scrimmage nights, for more information see our Calendar tab. If you are looking for one-on-one help, we offer private and semi-private lessons. See our Lessons tab for more information. White Cross also offers a recreational volleyball season.

What age groups does WC Elite offer?

We have teams ranging from 12U-18U. The number of teams and the age groups offered depend on the level of interest and skill seen at tryouts.